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Startup Matchmaking: Find A Co-Founder, Build Your Team, or Join A Startup

It's the annual "Startup Matchmaking" event! Starting a company or want to grow your team? Then this could be the most important event you attend all year!


Bootstrapping Your Startup

Not funded? This event will show you how to survive and thrive, getting the most from what you have and gain more of what you need.

How To Pitch To VC & Angel Investors

Hear from our panel of investors to see how to best position yourself or your company to get investors involved, get funded, and get moving.

 How To Build A Tech Brand

Branding is a key component in launching a startup, but it’s an area that’s often overlooked.

 Growth Hacking with NaturalCycles

Learn more about how to grow your startup from 3 interesting case studies.


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Future Events

Stockholm Entrepreneurs produces monthly events that cover a variety of topics, connecting entrepreneurs, startups, developers, investors, and more.

All proceeds go toward Global Music Project, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to help others make a difference through the power of music.

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